Swan Heights introduces new specialized flight attendants courses

Swan HeightsAmsterdam, May 2009 – Swan Heights is proud to present two new courses for private flight attendants. The Dutch institute for private flight attendants decided to add an ´Initial VVIP Cabin Crew Course´ and an ´Advanced VVIP Cabin Crew Course´ to their already broad spectrum of training possibilities.

These new and concise courses offer high standard education for anyone who wants to become a private flight attendant and who strives for perfection in this profession. The Initial VVIP Cabin Crew Course starts June 21st. . The first applications have already arrived. International students come from Asia, Germany, the United States and the Middle East. 

The new courses

The Initial VVIP Cabin Crew Course was designed for anyone who wants to become a private flight attendant. In only 9 days, Swan Heights provides the students with the complete basic knowledge on flight safety, food & beverage, hospitality & service and organizing trips.  First aid and fire drills are taught according to EU-ops and include the use of the AED.

For flight attendants already boasting a broad experience in private aviation, Swan Heights developed the Advanced VVIP Cabin Crew Course. This special 9-day program elaborates on the above mentioned initial course. It offers more specialized information, specific workshops and inside info on all of the topics. This course is essential for private flight attendants aiming for the highest level.

Why is Swan Heights unique?

Heidi Smale: “Swan Heights is an independent institute. We keep a clear focus on the owners of the airplanes and their guests. From years of experience, working in the world of VVIP’s, we have come to learn exactly what these people find important. It is the details that matter!”

Charter companies equally find their way to Swan Heights. André Seijbel explains: “These days, companies have to fight for their clients. So only the very best in service is good enough. We train their flight attendants to turn any flight into an extremely special experience, with service that is more than just a smile, and food that will surprise even those who are used to the very best.”

For their new courses, Swan Heights proudly cooperates with top specialists in the fields of private aviation, VVIP security, hospitality and catering.  One of these special partners is restaurant “de Librije” (3 Michelin stars). Therese Boer, one of the owners, teaches the Swan Heights students her ideas on hospitality. Therese: “The unique set-up of this training and its pursuit of quality are strongly connected to our own values in this respect. André and Heidi know exactly what their clients need!”.